O.C.O Technology: Building with CO₂

The UK’s second direct air capture plant is pioneering carbon-negative building materials made from CO₂.

A first-of-a-kind DAC demonstration in the UK

Funded by the UK Department of Energy Security and Net Zero, we are partnering with waste management innovators O.C.O Technology to deploy a first-of-a-kind DAC system at their Wretham facility in Norfolk alongside their Accelerated Carbonation Technology (ACT). 

Scheduled for deployment in 2024, the containerised system will recover 250 tonnes of CO₂ from the atmosphere each year in a first-of-a-kind project turning atmospheric CO₂ and waste fly ash into carbon-negative manufactured limestone — a valuable building material.


Norfolk, UK

Time to deliver
10 months

250 tCO₂ / year

Storing CO₂ in building materials

Accelerated Carbonation Technology

Pioneering carbon-negative building materials

Using the CO₂ in our atmosphere to create essential building materials unlocks a sustainability ‘double benefit’ — displacing the use of fossil carbons used to create them whilst also permanently removing the planetary-warming gas from our atmosphere. Yet, for this high-value model to scale, innovators in the construction sector need to secure a reliable supply of atmospheric CO₂ at often highly distributed production sites.

Tapping into construction’s future carbon feedstock today

Co-locating direct air capture (DAC) technology at building materials production sites offers one of the most sustainable pathways for decarbonising construction. By demonstrating production of carbon-negative building aggregate made from air, O.C.O Technology is leading the charge for a circular construction industry that transforms the urban environment into a valuable carbon sink.

Plug and play
High quality
“DAC is a multi-use technology able to drive deep industrial decarbonisation and permanent carbon removal. Through pioneering partnership, we’re already realising that potential.”
– Dr Nicholas Chadwick, Mission Zero CEO

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