Deep Sky: Eliminating CO₂

A first-of-a-kind project in Canada will validate our technology for gigatonne-scale commercial deployment.

A first-of-a-kind DAC demonstration in Canada

We are partnering with the visionary Canadian carbon removal project developer Deep Sky to provide a first-of-a-kind direct air capture (DAC) system for their Deep Sky Labs test facility in Quebec. Scheduled for deployment in 2024, the containerised system will recover 250 tonnes of CO₂ from the atmosphere each year.

Deep Sky seeks to leverage Canada’s vast reserves of renewable hydroelectric energy to remove gigatonnes of CO₂ from the atmosphere by the end of the decade. They are using our technology to demonstrate carbon removal on a small scale before eventually building commercial facilities that can capture between 100,000 and one million tons of CO₂ annually for permanent mineralisation.


Quebec, Canada

Time to deliver
10 months

250 tCO₂ / year

Permanent carbon removal


Launching commercial carbon removal at scale

DAC+Mineralisation represents one of the most measurable and durable solutions for permanent carbon removal. By recovering atmospheric CO₂ and reacting it with rock to form minerals — which endure for millions of years — it provides a strong backbone for developing a credible carbon removal market. Yet, to scale high-quality carbon removals credits, you first need to scale high-quality DAC.

Putting the world’s best DAC on the ground

On a mission to scale a carbon removal hub in Canada, Deep Sky is wasting no time in gathering together the world’s top DAC technologies. By deploying our heat-free electrochemical DAC system, they are investing in the carbon removal route with the highest possible energy efficiency and smallest land footprint.

Energy efficient
Cost competitive
Plug and play
“Mission Zero is a pioneer, establishing a modularized DAC technology that is projected to reduce both energy consumption as well as cost. We look forward to deploying their tech as we scale to gigatons of carbon removal to reverse global warming in Canada.”
— Damien Steel, CEO of Deep Sky

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