Mission Zero raises £21.8M Series A to scale versatile direct air capture technology worldwide

The funding will help us to unlock megatonne atmospheric carbon removal by the end of the decade.

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Today marks an exciting new chapter for our young company. In 2150, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, World Fund, Fortescue, and Siemens Financial Services, we welcome VCs and strategic investors with some of the strongest environmental credentials of any investors on the planet to our mission. Bringing a total of £21.8M in Series A investment, these partners will help us to rapidly scale our direct air capture (DAC) technology around the world to unlock megatonne annual CO₂ removal capacity by the end of the decade.

At Mission Zero, we partner with people who are serious about making positive climate impact at scale, with the vision and commitment to deliver it as quickly as possible. Our new partners join our existing community of dedicated, climate-first pioneers, including Deep Science Ventures, Anglo American, Stripe, Klarna, Deep Sky, and the XPRIZE Foundation. 

Reinventing carbon for good

To keep global temperature rise to 1.5°C, global society needs to remove vast volumes of CO₂ from the atmosphere, in addition to drastically reducing new emissions. Since 2020, we have been working to scale a versatile technology capable of efficiently recovering CO₂ from our atmosphere to do precisely that.

The goal is to reinvent our relationship with carbon for a thriving planet — rebalancing our climate and unlocking a new, sustainable carbon source to replace fossil fuels. We’ve started by connecting our technology to pioneers in carbon removal and utilisation. By the end of 2024, we will have three fully-funded first-of-a-kind systems on the ground in projects pioneering CO₂ mineralisation, carbon-negative building materials, and sustainable aviation fuel.

Catalysing megatonne CO₂ removal

To deliver that vision, our electrochemical DAC technology is built for rapid scaling — being cost-effective even at a smaller scale, leveraging proven components and established supply chains, and following a modular design for easy global deployment. This has allowed us to start deploying first-of-a-kind systems capable of recovering up to 250 tonnes of CO₂ a year from the atmosphere.

This milestone new funding will catalyse the next chapter in our scaling journey — accelerating the development of a mass deployable DAC product with a recovery capacity of 1,000 tCO₂ per year. It follows a heady three-and-a-half years of rapid growth for our company, as one of the few pioneers in the DAC space to have moved beyond self-financed R&D pilot plants to commercially funded deployments with international customers.

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“Our new partners’ manufacturing acumen and deep alignment with our vision will be catalytic in allowing us to scale DAC rapidly and responsibly for maximum positive climate impact.” — Dr Nicholas Chadwick, Mission Zero CEO

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“Mission Zero has gone from concept to commercial deployments in just three years and built a team with the technical talent and drive to rapidly deploy the most competitive DAC in the market.” — Christian Jølck, Co-founder and Partner at 2150

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