We’ve evolved: Meet the new Mission Zero brand

A planetary-level mission deserves an ambitious creative identity. We’re excited to share our electric new look and feel.

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Today marks a coalescence for our young company. Things have moved exceptionally quickly since we began in 2020 — from assembling our team and forging brave new partnerships, to successfully putting a brand new climate technology on the ground.

As we begin to scale our work around the world, we’re launching a new brand identity to consolidate the solid foundation we have already built — communicating the imagination, optimism, and collaborative energy of our community as we work to reinvent carbon for a thriving planet.

Reinventing carbon for good

At Mission Zero Technologies, we’re rewriting the world’s carbon tragedy into a love story. As scientists, we know that anything made from oil can be made from CO₂. If we can recover the excessive amounts of carbon we’ve put into our atmosphere, we can help to rebalance our climate and end fossil fuels.

That means forging a new relationship with carbon — reinventing it from problem to opportunity, destruction to regeneration, harm to hope. We want to put this perspective shift at the heart of our brand and capture the energy that comes with having a planetary-level mission.

Inside our new visual identity

We have revisited every aspect of our visual identity — our logo, colours, typography, and graphic language — as well as our website. 

Our new logo plays on the familiar CO₂ molecule, dynamically refracted to offer new perspectives. It speaks to the endless ways of approaching this incredibly versatile chemical building block, and almost vibrates with this potential.

This energy and optimism is captured by our fresh new colour palette. It has an electric current running through it — a nice nod to the electrochemical innovation that lies at the heart of our work — yet remains focused and firmly grounded.

Collaboration is central to everything that we do — after all, solving the climate crisis is a team effort. As such, our graphic language is intentionally circular and symmetrical, communicating a balance, unity, and strength that can only be achieved by multiple parts coming together to work as a whole. 

On that note, we’d like to thank the creative minds at Serious Business who translated our vision into this striking new identity, and the team at Lighthouse Digital for bringing it to life through our website. Generous, personable, and genuinely passionate about our work, we would thoroughly recommend both to any business looking to start their own rebranding journey.

An exciting new chapter

Our refreshed identity underscores a new momentum. Three months into 2024, we are already massively expanding our team and gearing up to deploy two more first-of-a-kind systems to customers across the world. With more exciting news on the very near horizon, we’d love to have you with us. 

Stay connected with what we’re up to through LinkedIn, X, and our website. Contact info@missionzero.tech at any time to share your thoughts and feedback with us directly. 

Completely new to Mission Zero? Read our story to learn more about who we are and what we’re all about.

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